Worldsensing Traffic to present its unique Smart Traffic portfolio

Worldsensing Traffic will present its unique Smart Traffic portfolio at two international parking and traffic exhibitions during October: Gitex-Dubai, taking place 12-16 October, and Expo-Parking Brazil, which will be displayed 28-30 October 2014.

Within these events, Worldsensing, specialising in the design of pioneering smart wireless technologies, will show different solutions to solve issues related to parking and urban and interurban traffic, such as:

Fastprk, “The easiest way to park”

As one of the world’s most advanced and reliable intelligent off-street and on-street parking systems, it informs drivers where to find vacant parking spaces (via smart phones or electronic panels). After Fastprk is deployed, traffic is reduced and drivers or customers are more satisfied. Fastprk allows the authorities to monitor and manage the parking bays 24/7, translating to significant extra revenue through the increase in occupancy. In December 2013, Worldsensing was proud to announce the installation of the largest intelligent parking system in Moscow.

Bitcarrier Roadsolver and Citysolver

Two real-time intelligent traffic management and information solutions specifically designed for both road and urban environments. These solutions provide its clients with the following data in real time: Travel times between two points in the road; Vehicles’ average speed; Traffic intensity; Passage time through toll gates; Alarms for detection of incidents and congestion; Prediction of travel times and congestion; and Information to design origin-destination matrixes.

Bitcarrier Roadsolver was employed in 2010 on the Spanish highways belonging to the Abertis Group as it implemented its sensors along 800km and is currently auditing 40% of all traffic on the Abertis network. In the same year, Bitcarrier Citysolver was deployed in Zaragoza, Spain, (600,000 inhabitants). In its willingness to become a smart city, Zaragoza chose this solution in order to have the city traffic information in real time and take decisions to manage traffic efficiently.