Western Road Usage Charge Consortium (WRUCC) Awards Road Usage Charge Roadmap to D’Artagnan

Eleven states will collaborate to study and adapt best practices from successful road usage charge efforts around the globe.

The Western Road Usage Charge Consortium (WRUCC) has awarded a contract to D’Artagnan to develop a roadmap for states to consider road usage charges. In recent years, road usage charging (RUC), has grown in popularity among state government officials in search of long-term solutions to address declining gas tax revenues. However, there is no known resource that synthesizes prior efforts to study or implement RUC, examines their effectiveness, or translates these experiences into lessons learned. The D’Artagnan Team will draw on its extensive work supporting RUC efforts globally to provide a comprehensive analysis of past experiences, successes, failures, and lessons learned to assist nascent efforts to formulate distance based charging strategies.

Eleven WRUCC member states will participate in the study, whose outputs will include a synthesis report of policy development approaches and processes. In addition, D’Artagnan will create and customize a decision tool for agencies and policy makers to utilize in guiding the development of RUC policies in their own jurisdictions.

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