Voyomotive joins SAS’s Partner Program for Advanced Vehicle Data

Voyomotive, LLC, developers of the VOYO connected car technology has joined SAS’s Partner Program. This agreement with SAS will help Voyomotive bring world class vehicle data analytics to vehicle owners, auto parts manufacturers, car service providers, and OEMs. Thanks to VOYO’s vehicle data acquisition capabilities, this agreement will enable the creation of apps and cloud-based solutions by Voyomotive that further enhance the connected car experience for the user.

Modern vehicles produce terabytes of information, but largely this data remains restricted by OEMs. While current aftermarket connected car products can only access less than one percent of a car’s total information, Voyomotive’s VOYO can collect advanced vehicle data and make it available through the Voyomotive Cloud. Through its agreement with SAS, all of this data can now be available to drive new business opportunities, including machine learning analytics and AI development. The Voyomotive data will also enable streaming data to be ingested and examined in real-time using SAS’s Event Stream Processing in order to trigger personally relevant interactions with vehicle owners, OEMs, dealers, and the extended ecosystem.

“Voyomotive provides an unfettered digital link between cars and the many software systems that can put this data to work,” said Peter Yorke, CEO of Voyomotive. “We are very excited to work with SAS to apply their machine learning and data analytics with the unparalleled data collected in the Voyomotive Cloud.”

The Voyomotive platform includes the VOYO plug-and-play OBD-II controller as well as wireless relays to control an engine, software APIs for 3rd party app developers and advanced Cloud based solutions. VOYO collects up to 100 non-standard parameters from a car including features useful to assess driver behaviour such as ABS activation, swerving, number of passengers present and if seat belts are being used. VOYO can also determine a vehicle’s operating condition including real odometer, remaining oil life, battery health, tire pressure, etc. On many vehicles, Voyomotive’s technology can read manufacturer diagnostic trouble codes typically only seen by a service centre diagnostic scan tool. Voyomotive has also created a suite of smart phone apps to lock/unlock car doors and trunks, immobilize the engine as a security feature, automatically crowdsource and post roadside hazards for all drivers to see in driving apps, and, through its recently announced LOCKDOWN app, prevent car theft due to key FOB relay and amplifier hacks.

“Voyomotive telematics capabilities are unmatched by any aftermarket system we have seen,” said Norm Marks, head of the Automotive Industry team at SAS. “It provides a far more dynamic method to acquire advanced vehicle data compared to alternative systems, including those provided by the OEMs. The combined benefits of SAS software and Voyomotive opens up new frontiers for OEMs, component manufacturers, car sharing/rental companies, and the insurance industry — just to name a few sectors.”