VITRONIC launches new autonomous speed enforcement system

Accident hotspots often occur in locations where continuous speed enforcement is not an option. Rural roads and work zones do not have the necessary power and data connections to make this possible. Mobile measuring systems do not have a sufficiently long life and cannot be used unprotected for long periods. With its new Enforcement Trailer, VITRONIC is now offering a new solution for traffic monitoring that makes zero demands on the local infrastructure.

The Enforcement Trailer is a joint development between VITRONIC and partner company CEGELEC Etupes Grands Projets and has already succeeded in winning a tender from the French Ministry of the Interior. 50 systems will be put in operation throughout France by the end of the year, and this number is set to rise to 150 by the end of 2016.

Five days of autonomous operation

The Enforcement Trailer has an independent power supply based on high-performance batteries, enabling uninterrupted operation for five days. The measurements are performed by VITRONIC’s PoliScanspeed LIDAR measuring technology. This allows authorities to enforce speed limits of all vehicles across all lanes simultaneously. Variable speed limits and bans on through traffic specific to certain times, lanes and vehicle classes can also be monitored. An integrated modem transfers case data wirelessly via GSM and enables remote access to the measuring system. The solution can therefore operate autonomously without any human intervention, leading to a significant increase in efficiency. It is also ideally suited to use in hazardous areas, where speed enforcement with mobile speed enforcement systems cannot be used because of the risk to the operator.

The Enforcement Trailer can be transported by virtually any vehicle that has a tow-bar. The trailer also has its own remote-controlled engine for easy and precise alignment. Once in place, the trailer can be lowered down to ground level, making it much more difficult for it to be moved by unauthorized parties. In addition, an armoured outer shell and an alarm system protects the technology against vandalism.

France Purchases 150 Units

The Enforcement Trailer’s first customer, the French Ministry of the Interior, has already ordered 150 fully equipped units. The contract will run over two years, and comprises delivery, operation and on-site and remote service. Each year, France sees approximately 200 traffic accidents occur in the vicinity of work zones on its roads, resulting in multiple fatalities and around 80 injuries.