Vibeke Ulmann

Thinking Highways is very sad to report that Vibeke Ulmann, the executive director and partner of award-winning PR firm Catalyst For Content, died on Saturday 30 December. After being diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2011 Vibeke remained steadfastly determined to not let it get the better of her and to outlive the six-month diagnosis she was given. Anyone who met Vibeke will tell you that if she focused her mind on achieving something then she would ultimately achieve it, and that included disproving medical experts’ theories.

Her attitude to her illness was never less than inspiring and I can remember the withering put-down she issued in response to a well-intentioned well-wisher who made the mistake of telling her how brave she was, battling cancer so courageously:

“Excuse me?” she retorted. “I’m not battling cancer, it’s battling me and it’s got one hell of a fight on its hands.”

Vibs was one of the very best PR consultants in the business, especially when you consider that English was her second language, and her colourful outlook on life that was more than matched by her dress-sense, will be sorely and sadly missed by everyone who knew her. – Kevin Borras, editor in chief