Kapsch TrafficCom and Axxès have formed a joint venture that will bring a sustainable and wide coverage technology platform for EETS to the market. The joint venture company MoKA SAS is registered in France with equal shares (50/50) held by Kapsch TrafficCom AG and Axxès SAS. The purpose of the joint venture is to design, build and operate a sustainable technology platform serving the EETS (European Electronic Toll Collection Services) activities of both shareholders. The target is commercial vehicles over 3.5 tons.

Both shareholders aim to share investments and technology to increase their service portfolio as well as to improve commercial conditions by realising economies of scale. The newly founded joint venture is not in direct contact with end-users but serves as a technology collaboration link between Kapsch and Axxès. Business relations to customers are held separately by Axxès and toll-tickets GmbH, a majority-owned Kapsch TrafficCom subsidiary which received accreditation as an EETS provider in February 2018. Axxès and toll-tickets therefore operate independently on the market as competitors. Both companies operate their own commercial back office. Kapsch TrafficCom provides EETS-certified on-board units (OBU) to customers of Axxès and toll-tickets and Axxès is responsible for the GNSS Charging Engine.

EETS is intended to considerably simplify toll processing for commercial vehicles over 3.5 tons. Until now, tolls have been paid directly to the respective toll charger in different countries. As a result, an international truck must be separately registered in several countries and equipped with separate on-board units to record the distance travelled and to calculate the corresponding tolling fees. With EETS, customers only need a contract with one EETS provider and one OBU. In order to offer this tolling service, companies must first be accredited in their home country, following a thorough examination of various technical and economic aspects. After successful approval, an EETS provider must be certified by the various toll collectors who already operate an EETS-enabled system.

Kapsch TrafficCom and Axxès have been working closely on designing and supporting EETS solutions such as the “Viapass Kilometer Charge” for trucks of over 3.5 tons in Belgium. The jointly developed solution was the first to be successfully certified as EETS, just in time for the Viapass commencement date on 1 April 2016. Axxès serves a fleet of 200,000 trucks equipped with a GNSS solution by Kapsch. The latest joint venture is an important step for both companies in helping them develop and provide a better EETS offering for their customers.