Trafficware and Traffic Technology Services agree smart transportation partnership

Trafficware, the provider of traffic intersection hardware and software technology, and Traffic Technology Services (TTS), an automotive industry data content provider, have signed a joint deployment agreement for Smart Transportation applications after their success supporting Audi’s traffic light online info service, showcased at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show and winning a Best Auto Tech Award by The Verge.

Data provided by Trafficware’s signal controllers, sensors, and central management software,, are used by TTS for its Personal Signal Assistant product, a predicted and time-calibrated state of the traffic signal, so auto manufacturers can incorporate the benefits into their telematics and in-vehicle information systems.

“Our partnership will allow transportation agencies using Trafficware hardware and software to implement an immediate solution for vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) deployment, with little or no cost,” Thomas Bauer, CEO for Traffic Technology Services, explains.  “TTS has worked with Trafficware to provide a robust turnkey solution ensuring data quality while minimizing latency issues.”

Darren Beyer, Trafficware chief technology officer, added, “We’ve proven how innovation and technology create economic and social value for our cities and motorists.”

Existing and new users of the have immediate access to the TTS module and services with the update to version 2.2.  Agencies interested in providing this service should contact their local Trafficware representative or TTS to obtain more information.