Tolled You So: New Thinking Highways Europe/RoW issue available now


The new issue of Thinking Highways’ Europe/Rest of the World edition is available to view online now with delivery of your printed edition imminent (if you haven’t already received it).

In this issue seven experts from the field of Electronic Toll Collection tell Kevin Borras how their chosen specialist subject has changed over the course of Thinking Highways’s first 10 years and it makes for highly interesting reading.

Andy Rooke tells us just how far eCall has come over the last 12 months and, perhaps more pertinently, how much further it has to go before April 2018 when it becomes mandatory on all new types (or models) of vehicle.

On a completely separate note Johan Sj√∂berg explains that when it comes to electric vehicle charging the rest of Europe is playing catch up with Norway (and before you ask, he’s Swedish).

This issue also focuses on FOT-Net Data, carsharing, crowd-sourcing, the ITS Observatory, intelligent vehicle inspection (as in the intelligent inspection of vehicles) and on the new traffic management system of one of the Republic of Ireland’s busiest port cities.

Click Here to view the new issue.