THINKING HIGHWAYS: The Evolution Continues…

Dear readers

You will be pleased to know that the new issue of Thinking Highways is out now. The big news is that we are presenting it in a brand new, web-based format. Here’s the link:

First of all, we aren’t eschewing print. What we are doing is reacting to the changing way in which people consume media. We’re living in an era where everything is becoming increasingly “instant” and with an entirely print-based product it’s not always possible to meet evolving demands. This exciting new multimedia format allows us to do that in ways that just weren’t even imaginable when we published our first issue in October 2006.

We’re hoping it’s fairly simple to navigate around but we’ve come up with a few useful tips that we think you might find helpful:

• The Contents page is available by clicking the “burger” in the top right hand corner of the page.

• Use the orange left and right arrows to move between articles and the orange up and down arrows to navigate within articles – return to the Contents by selecting the burger.

• To access some of the text within articles you’ll need to scroll down, whereas some of it scrolls left and right and some of it scrolls within paragraphs where you will see an internal scroll bar

• All the URLs are live, the Swarco and Traffex ads have audio and video elements in them; the ridesharing article “From Unmanaged to Unmanagable?” contains a link to an audio interview with the author, Bestmile co-founder Anne Mellano; while the connected vehicles piece “Driving The Future of Connected Cars” features an autoplay video showing a live demonstration of the project being trialled in Scotland.

• The final three articles, the AUDIOFILES section, feature brief descriptions of the article’s subject matter and a bright orange PLAY button allowing readers to listen to an audio interview.

We’re calling it multi-dimensional publishing – hopefully you will agree that it’s pretty much exactly what it is. We wanted something that ostensibly retained our 30 years of print sensibilities while at the same time was also new, fresh and modern-looking. Hopefully you will agree that we’ve gone some way towards achieving our goal.

We look forward to hearing from you with your thoughts on what at first appears to be a radical departure, but we can guarantee one thing: the quality of the editorial is, if anything, even better and its remit even wider than before. Please feel free to share the link with your contacts or post it on any of your social media platforms.

We look forward to continuing our journey with you.

Click HERE to access the new issue and don’t forget to REGISTER to ensure you receive every issue. The next issue is out in June, ahead of the ITS European Congress in Eindhoven and ITS America’s Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. Look out for the May issue of Thinking Cities and another new publishing venture coming your way in the next few months…