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Kevin Borras Feeding the imagination  01

“Given that diversity, it would have been all but impossible to have had anything but seven fascinating discussions, but the event surpassed even our high expectations.”

Seeing things differently  04

“How do the operatives make use of a seemingly endless torrent of data that, back in 1998, was a gently flowing stream?”

The Brady hunch 12

As one of the mainstays of the traffic control centre sector for the best part of a decade himself, who better than InFocus’s Brady O Bruce to provide the A’s to Kevin Borras’s questions

FAST finish 14

Regional Transportation Commision of Southern Nevada upgrades their video with minimal downtime at significant cost savings – Mitsubishi LED upgrade engine key to the project

Driven by data 16

Kevin Borras talks to International Road Dynamics’ President and CEO Terry Bergan about his 30 years at the helm

Electric dreams 20

From driverless cars to girls in STEM-what is the TEV project all about? Caroline Jones Carrick has the all-important answers

Disrupting the course of history 28

The concept of smart, connected Cities has become all the rage. To properly get our heads around the real opportunities here, Gordon Feller invites you to take a moment to try a thought experiment

Body of evidence  36

Simon Pickup heralds the dawn of the age of the modular car

Everything is fine: the connected future  38

V2E: automated driving that’s remarkably unremarkable by Richard Keenan

Flow mechanics 40

Christopher K Wilson on reducing vehicle crashes with data

How to make the most of Melbourne  46

Thill-seeking, sight-seeing, wining and dining – discover Melbourne and make the most of your trip to the ITS World Congress

The View

Shelley Row  48

The transportation sector’s need for emotional attachment, explained

Bob Kelly & Mark Johnson  50

Regulating autonomous vehicles: Federal and state conflict?

Richard Bishop 52

Automated driving regulation: opportunities, pitfalls and bad ideas

Jennie Martin 54

IBEC-a truly global perspective, as the ITS World Congress highlighted

 Bob McQueen 55

From feet of clay to glimpses of tomorrow