The Sound of Safety

Brigade Electronics have launched the award-winning Quiet Vehicle Sounder (QVS), a speaker system designed to reduce collisions between pedestrians and hybrid/electric vehicles.

Known as an AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System) across the automotive market, the Quiet Vehicle Sounder simulates an internal combustion engines sound characteristics by emitting a blend of bbs-tek® White Sound® frequencies and tonal sounds.

Most hybrid/electric vehicles are virtually silent under 20kph and are more likely to be involved in accidents with vulnerable road users (VRU) who do not hear the vehicle approaching. Reports estimate that the odds of a hybrid/electric passenger vehicle being in a pedestrian crash are 22% greater than an internal combustion engine passenger vehicle.

The Quiet Vehicle Sounder changes pitch according to the speed of the vehicle, mimicking a combustion engine’s characteristics when accelerating and slowing down – a sound that is easily identified as a vehicle by a vulnerable road user.

“We are delighted to bring an award-winning solution to a growing market that will alleviate the dangers posed by quiet vehicles. Sound is an important contributor to safety on the roads, yet electric and hybrid vehicles are silent,” says Philip Hanson-Abbott, Managing Director of Brigade Electronics.

The Quiet Vehicle Sounder is available worldwide and can be retrofitted to most commercial vehicles. Working from a 12 or 24 volt power source, the QVS will not drain a hybrid/electric vehicle’s power.