The Path To Perfect Parking

INRIX has launched Parking Path, an industry-first navigation technology to help drivers finally conquer the last mile

INRIX Parking Path™ combines real-time traffic, incident, and parking data to guide drivers along the fastest route to find available parking. This exciting new feature helps automakers simplify the last mile for drivers by incorporating parking into the entire navigation experience saving customers time and frustration.

Drivers typically don’t start searching for parking until they arrive at their destination, circling the block several times, hoping a parking space opens up. Drivers naturally want to park closest to their destination, causing unnecessary traffic while they search that also leads to an uneven distribution of available parking spaces.

By combining industry-leading traffic, incident and parking availability data with machine learning and predictive analytics, INRIX is able to efficiently guide drivers to open parking spots. When drivers are approaching their destination INRIX pulls real-time data to calculate the best path to take to find parking that minimizes both drive time, walk time and the cost of parking. Drivers will also have a more accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA) that incorporates parking search time.

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