Tata To Debut New EV Concept Car at LCV2017

Tata Motors European Technical Centre PLC (TMETC) marks a further milestone in its pioneering research and product development into electric vehicles (EVs) with the launch of the Tata Tiago EV concept, a self-funded project that is a battery-electric variant of the Tata Tiago hatchback launched in 2016 in the Indian market by parent company Tata Motors.

The Tata Tiago EV utilises a liquid-cooled 85 kW drive motor developing 200 Nm of torque driving the front wheels through a single speed gearbox. The design and energy storage capacity of the refrigerant-cooled lithium ion battery pack has been optimised to cause minimum disruption to the donor vehicle package whilst allowing convenient recharging at domestic electrical outlets available in the target markets.

The Tiago EV is the fourth generation of compact electric vehicle delivered by the team in Coventry over the past 10 years, embodying learning from more than half a million kilometres of real-world use. This team includes packaging experts, battery design and safety specialists, and e-drive system engineers who will be available at the LCV2017 event at Millbrook, UK, event to demonstrate and discuss the car.

In 2009, twenty-five Tata Vista EVs were supplied for the CABLED fleet trial in the West Midlands, resulting in significant knowledge on the behaviour and durability of the key components and systems in UK conditions. The Bolt BEV concept was well received by visitors to the 2016 Low Carbon Vehicle event, and now using the Tiago EV it is planned to extend this in-market data collection to other territories in readiness for the accelerating global shift towards electric vehicles.

The company’s EV and hybrid capabilities will further be developed as moves in to its new home, the National Automotive Innovation Centre (NAIC), early in 2018. The NAIC, located on the University of Warwick campus, will bring together three industry-leading companies – TMETC, Jaguar Land Rover and Warwick Manufacturing Group – in a brand new 33,000 m2 facility to create and develop novel automotive technologies.

A selection of other EV and Connected & Autonomous Vehicle material will also be displayed by TMETC at LCV2017 in September.