Southampton Joins The Electric Revolution

NewMotion has completed a partnership with Southampton City Council to install 30 new electric vehicle (EV) charge points throughout the city.

The City Council installed the charge stations across five centrally located multi-storey car parks which benefit from high traffic, daily usage, and long parking wait times, ensuring the charge points will be used often.

Alongside its installation partner, Joju, NewMotion delivered the scheme in just six weeks, due to the charge points’ ability to use the existing electrical grids and its dynamic load balancing technology. This enables the charge points to communicate and smartly allocate power between cars without overloading the electrical grid and saving unnecessary costs in upgrading grid connections.

NewMotion’s charge point utilise smart cards to provide a whole host of data and information on usage. This give also gives users access to Europe’s largest charge network and detailed insights on charge costs and other important data.

The charge points selected by Southampton City Council feature Red Dot award winning designs that are smooth and subtle, easily blending into previously petrol dominated car parks. NewMotion’s charge points are also simple to use and easy for users to understand.

By offering charge points across Southampton city centre, residents need not worry about range anxiety and, to further encourage the uptake of EVs, Southampton also plans to reduce parking charges and bridge tolls.

Councillor Christopher Hammond of Southampton City Council said “The city council is fully committed to reducing air pollution from exhaust emissions from vehicles in the city. Facilitating the uptake of electric vehicles is part of our Clean Air Strategy and these 30 chargers are the first of a city-wide network which we’ll deliver.”

Last year, Southampton was one of 40 UK cities named in the World Health Organisation’s poll as having damaging air safety levels. This scheme is part of a broader initiative to tackle air pollution in the city. Southampton’s goal is to be one of only five places in the UK to introduce emission zones on diesel vehicles in 2020. The project also ties into NewMotion’s aim to support the growing EV industry throughout Europe and deliver smart infrastructure.