Smart Communities: How 5G, Mobility, Vision Zero and Multi-Modal Approaches are Converging

On March 27, 2019, Meeting of the Minds will host a free, live webinar featuring Brenna Berman of City Tech Collaborative and Sean Harrington of Verizon Program.

Sean Harrington from Verizon and Brenna Berman from City Tech Collaborative and the City of Chicago will both share their perspectives on where we are headed with Smart Communities in US cities. We will dive into 5G, mobility, traffic, Vision Zero, situational learning, the “dilemma zone”, multi-modal approaches, and where we go from here. How are they all converging, building upon each other and leading us into the next phase of smart cities? Are we truly entering a 2.0 period? Or are we still stuck in 1.0? If so, how do we leapfrog to the next phase? What partnerships, financing, technology and policies are emerging that will catalyze the new wave of smart cities? And how close are we to that new paradigm? Hear from Sean and Brenna on real-world examples and how the “smart cities” promise is playing out on the ground.

For more information or to register for the webinar, click HERE