Smart Cities Summit 2016

The UK is at the forefront of Smart City technology and developments. The Smart Cities Summit London will explore UK Smart City projects and test beds, together with international case studies. Presentations and discussions will detail where investment should be channelled into innovative technology; winning business models, and will provide critical insight into what will work for the region.

With ever-growing populations and an increased drive for sustainable, efficient and cost-effective living, the demand for Smart City innovations is at an all-time high. More cities are developing with the smart city vision in mind, and city leaders are focussed on the power of technology to make urban centres more innovative, efficient and liveable.

Smart city technology is being deployed to enhance the lives of its citizens, as well as saving millions of dollars for governments and businesses. Governments and city leaders are identifying applications and services to save energy, reduce carbon emissions, enhance safety, and make transport services more efficient. City leaders driving the progress of Smart Cites are at the forefront of introducing pioneering technology to raise the standard of living and unveil new business opportunities.

IoT, and M2M, together with new connectivity and interoperability standards, throw up a plethora of services and technologies to make the smart city vision a reality. Smart waste management, intelligent lighting, smart parking services all make use of new technology to connect the smart city.

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