Smart Cities Conference Tackles Next Steps for Advanced Urban Services

A smart city conference focusing on the next steps for UK advanced urban services, including local priorities, supply chain relationships and standards development, is taking place in Central London on Thursday 21 February.

This timely, CPD-Certified conference will examine next steps for developing ‘smart city’ solutions that address local needs – taking account of local strategic and user priorities, relationships between local government commissioning and the supply chain, and developing standards and learning from best practice.

It takes place in the context of an investment and policy focus on digital infrastructure and its role in economic growth – including support for future investment in 5G technology following the Future Telecoms Infrastructure Review, the development of a National Geospatial Strategy with a focus on how geospatial data can be used to transform public services and support the UK’s productivity, and the Mayor of London’s Smarter London Together plan to position London at forefront of intelligent innovation.

It also take place in light of the UK Government’s drive to coordinate initiatives for improving well-being and tackling social issues such as loneliness, supporting mental and physical health, and incentivising environmental stewardship.

Delegates will discuss latest thinking on smart cities design and delivery – including how cities might more effectively articulate their needs to the supply chain, addressing sustainability issues, understanding and incorporating innovation in applications and issues around open data, data management and analysis.

They will also consider what lessons can be learnt from existing smart cities around collaboration, funding, and citizen and stakeholder engagement, as well as examine priorities for the creation and adoption of standards to enable the roll-out of smart cities across the UK, focusing on interoperability and system integration, sustainability and best practice.

The agenda also looks at what is needed in policy development, regulation and leadership, including around investment, addressing procurement issues, improving access to data and supporting collaboration.

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