Sirius Business: Automatic Buys PayTollo

US-based smart tolling specialists PayTollo have been acquired by Automatic, a SiriusXM Company. Automatic, a company that brings the power of connectivity and apps to nearly every car on the road, and PayTollo, the mobile payment platform for toll roads and bridges, together seek to expand and enhance Automatic’s connected vehicle solutions by adding the ability to pay tolls using an integrated in-vehicle toll payment solution.

With SiriusXM and Automatic, we are able to accelerate the growth of PayTollo’s platform, and are enabled to more quickly offer tolling solutions to millions of drivers across the country.

With Automatic’s install-it-yourself adapter and mobile app, most vehicles model year 1996 or later can be transformed into connected vehicles. Automatic helps customers drive safer and smarter with applications that diagnose engine trouble, detect accidents, send emergency response, and now – along with PayTollo – seamlessly pay tolls.

In addition to supporting drivers, PayTollo offers Toll Authorities an easier transition to All-Electronic Tolling by reducing costs, time needed to collect funds, DMV look-ups and billed invoices.

PayTollo is a valuable addition to Automatic’s increasing government service offerings, which currently include emissions testing in Oregon, allowing users to perform at-home smog checks with their Automatic adapter and submit their results to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.

We’re excited about this next chapter for PayTollo, and look forward to positively impacting the tolling industry’s transition to All-Electronic Tolling with the support of Automatic and SiriusXM.