SimplifAI Urban Mobility Management System Receives Near-€1m Innovate UK Funding 

KAM Futures Ltd have been awarded over £850,000 (€950,000) of funding as part of Innovate UK’s First of a Kind Competition (Phase 2) to carry out a first commercial deployment of its SimplifAI system.

SimplifAI is a new form of urban mobility management system based on artificial intelligence and suitable for use as a smart city solution to improve reliability of transport networks and integrate autonomous vehicles into city transport. It deals in particular with non-recurrent congestion due to unforeseen or unplanned events. “The main product is a real-time operational software tool that enables transport management operations team members to set an operational goal for the system and the tool will iteratively configure and reconfigure existing operational control assets to achieve that goal,” says KAM Futures’ founder and managing director, Keith McCabe. “The system uses existing real-time monitoring systems to track the progress towards achieving its goals and re-plans based on real-world monitoring of the impacts.”

The system has been developed jointly between KAM Futures and the University of Huddersfield and the project involves undertaking a pilot study to demonstrate the technology in real-world conditions in Manchester, working with several partners, namely: Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) who are providing the testing environment and expert advice in the area of Urban Traffic Control and management; BT who will provide access to their Internet of Things (IoT) Information exchange platform from their IoT Centre of Excellence, a flexible, secure data platform which can ingest multiple data feeds from a city, translate and make them securely available for further use by the software tool; FutureEverything, who will provide Human Centred Design tools; and InfoHub.

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