Siemens Mobility Launches ITS Digital Lab in Austin

Siemens Mobility announced the opening of its new Digital Lab for Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) based in Austin, TX. The lab will monitor, collect and analyze data to further study and develop important digital urban mobility technologies. Main areas of focus will center around important new technologies like connected vehicles, self-driving vehicles, advanced traffic management systems, multimodal transportation, shared mobility, electric bike sharing and fleet management.

“The amount of data that we are now collecting from various traffic technologies and intelligent infrastructure is extremely valuable for transport operators,” said Marcus Welz, president of Siemens Intelligent Traffic Systems in the U.S. “The key is to help them by translating the data into the right urban mobility solution or application to ultimately solve real world mobility problems – and that’s what this ITS Digital Lab is going to do.” The new center is located in downtown Austin and features an open layout supportive of design thinking methodologies needed for rapid prototyping and co-creation with customers. The Lab will primarily house data engineers, software developers and data scientists who are experts in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

With digitalization, Siemens Mobility is enabling mobility operators worldwide to make infrastructure intelligent, increase value sustainably over the entire lifecycle, enhance passenger experience and guarantee availability. Powered by software

tools, the work from the Lab will help develop solutions for cities that can improve traffic flow, reduce unplanned congestion, and ensure better safety for the cities’ drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. It will also help local transportation agencies improve operational efficiency, enable improved business planning and performance, as well as generate energy and cost savings.