Siemens completes major traffic signalling upgrade in Manchester

The biggest traffic signalling upgrade programme in the country was completed in Greater Manchester by Siemens this month with the replacement of a total of 52,000 traditional traffic signal bulbs with longer-lasting and energy saving LED lights across more than 1,800 sites – saving over one million pounds in the process.

The upgrade programme has reduced monthly energy usage from 1,000,000 KW/hr in March 2012 to 480,000 KW/hr in February 2014, resulting in energy savings of £750,000 and maintenance savings in excess of £300,000. The new traffic lights also benefit the environment through being a more durable alternative to traditional bulbs, with the new LED lights only needing to be replaced every seven years on average, saving around 30,000 standard bulbs per year.

Councillor Andrew Fender, Chair of the Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) Committee, said: ‘This programme is the biggest of its kind in the country and is fantastic news for Greater Manchester. It’s another significant step towards a greener, more energy efficient transport network. The new LED lights come with less maintenance and lower running costs, and the money saved can be invested into other important transport projects and services that will keep Greater Manchester moving in the right direction.’

David Marsden, Regional Manager for Siemens said: ‘This highly innovative programme has not only demonstrated the proven capabilities of the technology to save energy and maintenance costs but has highlighted the excellent performance of our local engineers to deliver an efficient and class-leading service. Thanks to an open and productive working relationship with TfGM, the contract also illustrates the benefits of a partnership approach.’

The traffic signal upgrade programme has taken two years to complete and is part of a 15-year maintenance contract with TfGM.