Transport Management

Delivering integrated transport management solutions that put the customer first.
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Demand Management

Matching available capacity to customer demand using all available modes of transport.

Included in this category
  • Measuring Available Capacity
  • Measuring Demand

Freight Delivery & Logistics

Supporting freight movements within the urban environment in an efficent manner

Included in this category
  • Abnormal Loads
  • Hazardous Cargo Management
  • Scheduled Logistic Deliveries

Inter-urban, Corridor & Freeway Traffic Management

Managing travel between population centres on high speed roads

Included in this category
  • Enforcement
  • Ramp Metering
  • Smart Motorways
  • Weather

Multi-Modal Transport Management

Coordinating transport across all modes

Included in this category
  • Incident Management
  • Major Event Management
  • Public Transport Management
  • Resilience Management

Traffic Management Centres

Without the use of software, transport management would be ineffectual. The use of data analytics, geocoded information and enhanced situational awareness enables transport control room staff to deliver an effective service.

Included in this category
  • CCTV & Image Analytics
  • Control Room Infrastructure
  • Control Room Software

Urban Traffic Management

Delivering balanced transport solutions in an urban environment

Included in this category
  • Junction Control
  • Managing Cycle Based Movements
  • Pedestrian Management
  • Smart Parking

Water Based Transport Management

Integrating waterborne services into modal choices

Included in this category
  • Ferry Management
  • On-board Passenger Information Systems
  • Water-based Taxi Services
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Transport Management