Integrated Booking, Payment & Travel

Whatever the mode of transport, making a booking, paying and accessing transport should be easy and fair for all travellers. Where possible integrated technology should empower the traveller to enhance their journey experience.
Where next in Integrated Booking, Payment & Travel?

Smart Ticketing

Being able to pay to use the transport network and other services through a single mechanism has significant benefits for the user whether they are regular travellers or visitors to that location.

Included in this category
  • Ad-hoc User Options
  • Alternative Payment Technology Options

Tolling & Road User Charging

Today we see fixed infrastructure for some tolling solutions. Others use virtual infrastructure while other use distance based charging. Each system will inevitably require a number of payment channels to be handled by the back office system.

Included in this category
  • Dynamic Pricing

Transport Booking & Payment Apps

To enhance the traveller experience, the availability of apps supporting the purchase of tickets has been welcome by passenger groups. Frequently combined with service booking facilities these apps are experiencing a significant uptake in use.

Included in this category
  • Car Park Booking
  • Ferry Travel Reservation Systems
  • Personalised Journey Planning
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Integrated Booking, Payment & Travel