Road user safety technology comes of age

21st Century Technology is leading the push for improved safety for all road users.  The company has a history of developing new technologies for a wide variety of vehicles to protect all road users, including pedestrians and cyclists.

Andrew Prince, Divisional Director of UK & Ireland Bus Operation for 21st Century Technology Solutions, explains: “Road safety is always at the top of the transport agenda and in recent months it has sadly hit the headlines with a number of deaths of cyclists, particularly in London.  The technology exists to protect all road users, using mobile technology such as cameras and monitors for a better view of blind spots on buses and HGVs, and sensors and detectors to alert of the presence of a cyclist.”

Andrew explains that the technology has huge advantages over existing systems on vehicles:  “Cameras mounted on the outside of buses already record details of every journey.  But they can also transmit a live view to a driver monitor.  The cameras are much less intrusive than the double mirrors which many vehicles rely on, and give a much wider view all around the vehicle, including behind it.”

21st Century is currently in talks with a number of transport operators to fit this latest technology.  It is also looking at ways to develop the technology further, to integrate it with existing systems and to make the technology accessible to as many road users as possible.