Queensland Police Service modernise mobile speed enforcement technology

The Queensland Police Service (QPS) has recently concluded a contract with VITRONIC to purchase mobile systems for speed enforcement. Under this arrangement and following extensive testing, the QPS decided in favour of the LIDAR-based PoliScanspeed systems to modernise its current mobile fleet of wet-film radar speed enforcement systems. 

Inspector Allan Hales of QPS said “This is a significant time for Queensland Police to introduce automated LASER enforcement into its mobile speed camera programme and provides a capability to deploy speed cameras in a more diverse range of road environments, including road work zones for which enforcement has been constrained technically to date”.

This project builds on VITRONIC’s existing footprint in Queensland, having previously delivered their TollChecker system for the Queensland Motorways road network in Brisbane.

The QPS tender listed specific requirements that the new mobile speed enforcement system had to fulfil: To reduce current maintenance and procurement costs, the new devices had to use digital camera technology.  As in many other jurisdictions, Queensland legislation places high demands on the imaging technology as a photo image is prima facie evidence. This requires absolutely certain identification of the measured vehicle in each image. PoliScanspeed systems guarantee this association using an automatic evaluation template within the photographic evidence.  They provide high image quality across all lanes using two high resolution cameras and lane based photo triggering for every lane. Furthermore, the mobile measuring devices had to be able to support variable speed limits. Another essential requirement was that the new systems must be a robust and proven solution. 

In all of these aspects, VITRONIC was able to win over the QPS with its PoliScanspeed systems. Along with the speed enforcement systems themselves, the contract also involves vehicle integration and the PoliScanconnect software. PoliScanconnect prepares the case data from PoliScan systems, verifies it, and transfers it to the case processing software. VITRONIC and the QPS have already commenced with the PoliScanconnect integration phase and the first systems will be deployed in 2014.