PTV Group publishes White Paper on Road Safety

Every day, 3,651 people die because of road accidents. That corresponds to 44.5 full London Routemaster buses. The global annual costs of road traffic crashes are so high that the money would buy 2.6 times Apple Inc. PTV Group has published a white paper about road safety that demonstrates these and other facts and figures. Moreover it presents the opinions of international experts.

“Road safety is a key challenge of the 21st century”, says José Viegas, Secretary General of the International Transport Forums at the OECD. Numerous nations aim to cut down on the numbers of road accident deaths and move close to zero fatalities. But how can you bring your “Vision Zero” to life?

Under the same name the PTV Group discusses this question in its newly released white paper. José Viegas is one of five opinion leaders who share their thoughts about road safety and provide solution approaches. Michael Replogle, co-founder of the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP), for instance says that we have to break out of the institutional silos and declares himself in favour of a close collaboration between transport planners and road safety experts.

The white paper is available for a free download at