PrePass service expands to North Carolina

PrePass®, North America’s largest commercial vehicle bypass service, is expanding into its 32nd state this summer, North Carolina.

HELP Inc., the provider of PrePass, and International Road Dynamics Inc., the administrator of NCPass, have reached an agreement to allow PrePass users the safety and efficiency benefits of bypassing at weigh stations located at Hillsborough, North Carolina.

“It is exciting to have this opportunity to expand PrePass into North Carolina, which adds an important state for all those fleets and drivers that travel through the southeast,” said Karen Rasmussen, President and CEO of HELP Inc.

“We are very pleased to expand NCPass to include PrePass and are excited about the opportunity to work with the HELP team while jointly delivering improved service to the State of North Carolina,” commented Terry Bergan, President and CEO of IRD Inc.

“This partnership will go a long way to benefit those who rely on services provided by HELP and IRD,” said Rasmussen. “I hope it’s something that we can continue to build upon in the future.”

More than a half million trucks from over 44,000 fleets are currently enrolled in PrePass, saving time, fuel and money.

Since 1997, PrePass has provided over 647 million actual truck bypasses, saving carriers more than 53 million hours in time and over 258 million gallons of fuel, resulting in more than $4.6 billion in operational costs.