Planning for Autonomous Vehicles – a webinar

Harmonize Mobility announce a webinar focusing on “Developing a New Sidewalk and Curb Standard

The Toronto-based mobility firm, led by regular H3BM contributor Bern Grush and his business partner Jerry Boyer, are promoting and discussing the launch of a new ISO project for international data and communication standards for real-time operations at sidewalks and curbs (kerbs):

Sidewalk and Kerb Operations for Automated Vehicles: Arriving, Stopping, Parking, Waiting, and Loading  
The presentation will summarize its purpose, timeliness, importance, properties, and stakeholders.
ISO/TR4448 launches this Spring and is formally positioned to prepare our cities for the potential of automated people-movement (robotaxi), goods-movement (autonomous trucks and vans) and last-meter delivery on sidewalks using ground-drones or bots.
It also has immediate application in the data standardization for operations and management of taxis, ride-hail vehicles, and goods delivery vans – an issue that is already overwhelming some urban areas, as is increasingly recognized in most larger cities. In other words, while triggered by the threat of automation, this project is agnostic to the amount, nature or timeline of such automation. The time to get the complete data architecture right is now.
The introduction of automation and an increase in traffic variety & volume necessitates a different form of operational management. This means a significant change to the nature of the interaction of mobility systems with each other, with the curb, with payment systems, with us humans, and with our existing manual vehicles & devices.

Stakeholders are any entities that plan, manage, use, service, regulate, or monetize curbs and/or sidewalks. These include: accessibility automotive, OEM & tier 1 logistics microtransit municipalities payment operators ride-hail sidewalk-drones and micro-mobility operators taxi urban data systems urban planners.

Click HERE for an invitation to this project.
Click HERE for the formal purpose and justification from the proposal to the ISO.


Tuesday, April 7, 2020
9:00 Eastern Time
15:00 Central Europe
30 mins + 15 mins
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Thursday, April 16, 2020
11:00 Pacific
14:00 Eastern Time
30 mins + 15 mins 
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About the Presenter
Bern Grush is a seasoned standards professional. He worked on ISO/CEN standards for road-user charging from 2006-2011 (17575 and 17444, having been the initial proposer and first project editor for 17444). In addition, he has worked on several documentary and evidentiary information standards through ANSI/AIIM and others in the 1990s and a Canadian Geographic Information data format standard in the mid-1980s.

Bern represents Canada on the ISO Technical Committee to which TR4448 is assigned. His work is channeled to the international body and its publication via the Standards Council of Canada (

Bern Grush is Chief Innovation Officer at Harmonize Mobility and Automated Fleet Strategist with Grush Niles Strategic. An inventor and entrepreneur, Bern co-authored “The End of Driving: Transportation Systems and Public Policy Planning for Autonomous Vehicles” (Elsevier, 2018). He was named Toronto Star Wheels’ Newsmaker of the Year for his research on vehicle automation. A Maclean’s magazine editorial called his work “fascinating and carefully argued”. In 2016, Sam Schwartz, past NYC traffic commissioner, described Bern as the top, current independent thinker on autonomous vehicle deployment. Bern’s latest innovation – software-defined transit – manages the social, spatial, and environmental policy performance of massive, competing fleets of TNCs and robotaxis. Bern Grush holds degrees in Human Factors Psychology and Systems Design Engineering from the Universities of Toronto and Waterloo.