Ontario’s TMS Upgrade

In a sweeping agreement to upgrade traffic management software in Canada’s most populated province, the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) has approved a plan to install McCain Inc.’s Transparity® Traffic Management System (TMS) to control more than 500 signalized intersections. Rollout of the new software is expected to begin in the second quarter. Transparity TMS has a successful track record in Canada, including a similarly-sized deployment in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Developed by McCain Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the SWARCO Group and a leader in the supply of intelligent transportation solutions for safety and mobility, Transparity TMS is a centralized system that proactively manages traffic flow and promotes mobility with real-time traffic data collection and management tools.

Longtime McCain Canadian partner and distributor, Innovative Traffic Solutions Inc., secured the agreement. Company president, Frank Rao, says Transparity TMS will position the MTO’s five regions for the coming wave of transportation technology. “The MTO is a forward-thinking agency and we’re excited to be working with them on this project,” he said. “Upgrading their current traffic management software will allow the MTO to continue to support their legacy controllers and transition to the new ATC controllers they are deploying, while future-proofing the agency for additional smart city functions as well as connected and autonomous vehicles.” The entire network will primarily be controlled from the MTO’s traffic management center in St. Catherines, Ontario, but Transparity TMS also enables each district to manage the system from their own locations.
“The flexibility of Transparity TMS plays perfectly into Ontario’s unique traffic management needs. With approximately 13 million residents, more than a third of Canada’s total population, Ontario covers a land mass 1.5 times the size of Texas. While much of the population is centered around major cities in the GTAH (Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton), Ottawa, and Windsor, the province also includes sparsely populated regions, all of which will be controlled by Transparity TMS.
McCain Chief Operating Officer Greg McKhann says the Ontario package showcases the best of Transparity TMS. “In designing the Transparity platform, we recognized that adaptability to dynamic environments is critical to our customers,” he said. “With the pace of technological innovation in traffic management, we are committed to creating products that not only outlive the current cycle but thrive well into the future.”