Oakville, Ontario Deploys Opticom Emergency Preemption Solution

Global Traffic Technologies Canada, Inc. (GTT) has contracted with the Town of Oakville in Ontario, Canada for the implementation of the Opticom™ traffic preemption solution. Opticom works alongside intersection controllers to help ensure emergency vehicles can move through intersections rapidly and safely. When an emergency vehicle needs to navigate an intersection, the Opticom Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP) system on-board the emergency vehicle sends a request to the intersection’s controller ahead of its arrival, turning the light green and clearing a path to enable the vehicle’s safe passage. In Oakville, the EVP system has been deployed to five of the town’s busiest intersections.

Oakville is part of the Greater Toronto area and has a population in excess of 190,000, is home to the Canadian headquarters of both Siemens and the Ford Motor Company and among its residents is Olympic gold medallist and former 100m world record holder Donovan Bailey lives in Oakville.

GTT’s president Doug Roberts said, “We are delighted to be working with the Town of Oakville and its emergency services. Our system is helping to improve operational safety, reduce travel time to emergencies and increase the safety of both the public and emergency personnel.”