New guide aims to make the road safer for bicyclists

A new guide for police is aiming to make the roads safer for bicyclist and pedestrians.

The new guide is called the Law Enforcement Reference Guide.

It was developed by law enforcement officers, transportation officials, bicycle commuters, and bicycle education experts.

It’s a quick resource officers can turn to, to look up potential violations for bicycle riders and motorists.

In 2015, 276 pedestrians and 182 bicyclists were involved in crashes with a vehicle.

“So really, the end goal of this effort and this campaign is to try and reduce those numbers, to reduce those crashes, to reduce the impact, and enhance the motoring public safety here on the road ways,” says Lt. Frank Clark, South Portland Police Dept.

On Wednesday, a number of local police departments will be on patrol, paying particular attention to behaviors that put walkers, bicyclists and pedestrians at risk on our roadways.