Mass Improvements: Q-Free and Raytheon Team To Drive Automation Up, Costs Down…

Q-Free has entered into an agreement with Raytheon Intelligence & Space, a developer of advanced sensors, training, and cyber and software solutions, to improve automatic license plate recognition and toll collections for the Massachusetts DOT’s All Electronic Tolling System (AETS).

Since its inception, the MassDOT AETS has processed more than one-billion camera image tolls but must manually review many images because of unreadable and obscured license plates. To address this, Q-Free will install its proprietary Intrada® Insight system – an automated, high-accuracy license plate reading system. Intrada Insight significantly decreases the number of video-based transactions requiring manual review and will reduce operational costs for MassDOT.

“We are excited to participate in such a progressive agreement,” said Bill Rapp, Q-Free’s executive vice president of tolling solutions for Q-Free America. “We are confident our Intrada Insight enhancements will deliver unprecedented video automation and accuracy rates, and greatly reduce the need for manual review.”

While many drivers traditionally use cash, experts expect the transition to cashless tolling to accelerate in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rapp says that the increased automation and accuracy rates provided by Intrada will prove even more essential to collecting tolls in Massachusetts.

“Our all electronic tolling system has saved MassDOT commuters countless hours on the road since 2016,” said Matt Gilligan, vice president at Raytheon Intelligence & Space. “As MassDOT’s tolling partner we are always looking for new technologies to improve the system and reduce operational costs.”