Major New ITS Contract Awarded to Siemens in Northern Ireland

A new long-term contract to maintain traffic management equipment throughout Northern Ireland (NI) for a minimum period of four years has been awarded to Siemens by the Department for Infrastructure (DfI), NI. With traffic signal equipment at more than 1,200 sites, 950 Safer Routes to School signs, as well as a network of ANPR cameras and other Vehicle Activated Signs and rising bollards, the contract represents one of the largest of its kind placed with Siemens as the main contractor.

Roy Gordon, Head of ITS for DfI, NI, said: “Siemens is a well-established service provider in Northern Ireland and we already have an excellent working relationship with the company. The decision to select Siemens was based on a competitive combination of quality, cost, proven competence and capability. For the next four years, Siemens will provide a high level of service and support in terms of the effective delivery of the contract requirements and we are pleased to work with the company to deliver improved traffic signal and highway network performance”.

The principal objectives of the contract are to maintain a high level of equipment availability and to respond to, and rectify, any fault condition which may arise on the equipment promptly and within the time scales prescribed. Siemens will also carry out routine maintenance inspections and lamp changes at the appropriate intervals to check they adhere to current standards. In addition, the aim is to provide an enhanced service to the stakeholders within the contract area, by a gradual but continuous improvement in the reliability of the equipment on street.