MAG2 Grantees Enter The fC2 Arena!

The frontierCities2 partners took the opportunity to welcome five new MAG2 (Market Acceleration Grant) grantees at the FIWARE Global Summit in Porto, Portugal this week. Representatives from IDA, KissMyBike, Bettergy, ROSY and MUV, in addition to Outreach invitees Evreka, took part in the latest fC2 bootcamp that featured a comprehensive guide to doing business in Europe from José F Papí of project partners STA and a fascinating insight into how to perform in front of an audience from award-winning German actor and film maker Stefan Hillebrand.

Click on the links below to hear what the grantees had to say about their solutions:

Marcello Petitta, IDA

Nadya Bobova, KissMyBike

Antonio Ruiz, Bettergy

Filippo Severi, MUV

Matthias Brunner, ROSY

Mehmet Pancaroglu, Evreka