ITS World Congress News: Bestmile partners with NZ’s Ohmio

Bestmile has announced its partnership with New Zealand-based autonomous vehicle technology provider Ohmio Automotion, a subsidiary of HMI Technologies. Ohmio Automotion previously announced its collaboration with Korea’s Southwest Coast Enterprise City Development Co Ltd (SolaSeaDo) to provide 150 Ohmio LIFT vehicles to this exciting new urban development project. The Ohmio LIFT is a 20-person shuttle that can be extended to carry up to 40 passengers.

“SolaSeaDo’s fleet of 150 autonomous shuttles may be the largest autonomous vehicle deployment in the world,” said Dean Zabrieszach, CEO of HMI Technologies. “Bestmile is an ideal partner to help Ohmio deliver a fully automated mobility service.”

HMI Technologies/Ohmio is a pioneer in Intelligent Transport Systems and has commercialized its self-driving vehicle technology with ohmio autonomous vehicles. Ohmio vehicles are uniquely designed to connect with other vehicles, infrastructure and traffic management systems. This connectivity helps the vehicles achieve greater efficiency and safety while giving service providers, regulators and traffic managers greater control.

“Bestmile and HMI technologies/ohmio share a commitment to safe, stress-free, sustainable mobility for everyone,” said Bestmile CEO and co-founder Raphael Gindrat. “Together, we provide mobility service providers everything they need to deliver next-generation autonomous shuttle services.”