ITS UK’s Public Transport Interest Group Celebrates 15th Birthday

ITS (UK), the Intelligent Transport Society for the United Kingdom, has celebrated the fifteenth birthday of its Public Transport Interest Group. The PTIG covers all aspects of using Intelligent Transport Systems technology for public transport:  ticketing, information, fleet management, safety and security, and so on.

The Group was founded in 1999 by Dr Chris Querée, then of MVA.  Chris was at the birthday celebrations, with three more attendees from the 1999 meeting:  John Austin of Austin Analytics, Peter Warman of WarmanConsult, and Jennie Martin of ITS (UK).

Gary Umpleby of Hogia, the current PTIG Chairman, said “I consider it a privilege to have been Chairman of the Public Transport Interest Group at this prestigious ’15th Birthday’ meeting, and to be able to share the occasion with the Interest Group Founder and the first Chairman of twelve years’ standing, Dr Chris Querée.  Chris confirmed: “ITS (UK), underpinned by a dedicated and enthusiastic staff, provides the UK ITS industry with a unique opportunity for open discussion, review, and comment on important issues affecting our industry. The ’15th Birthday’ meeting of the Public Transport Interest Group was certainly no exception, with a day of excellent presentations from both UK and international speakers accompanied by lively debate and discussion around a range of key issues.”

Daniel Hobbs of AECOM, Honorary Secretary of the PTIG said “It was a great opportunity to look back at the amazing developments that have taken place in passenger transport, information and technology over the last fifteen years, but also demonstrated the exciting opportunities ahead. I am looking forward to the next fifteen years.”