ITS European Congress: Bestmile Selected By EIT for LMAD Solution

Bestmile, the leading Fleet Orchestration Platform used to plan, manage, and optimize autonomous and human-driven vehicles announced that the company’s platform has been selected by EIT Digital, the European Institute of Technology Digital to develop a Last-Mile Automated Delivery (LMAD) solution using autonomous robots.

“Consumers increasingly expect same day delivery of many items,”said Guillaume Toublanc, EIT Digital Managing Director in France. “At the same time these services are expensive and deliver a poor experience,often adding to congestion and slowing down traffic in European cities.This project aims to make deliveries faster and more cost-effective while increasing customer satisfaction.”

The European initiative will form a new startup that develops innovative digital services jointly with companies. In addition to Bestmile, partners involved in the LMAD project include, GIM Robotics, BookIT, Picom, and Futurice. The newly created startup will integrate the partner technologies to support new retail practices. The ambitious project expects to be able to demonstrate a solution in France and in Finland by end of the year. The consortium will integrate diverse technologies to seamlessly support new logistics business models such as fast, efficient delivery in gated areas or parcel deliveries in business campuses using LMAD solution.

Together, the consortium will deliver a complete solution:

▪ GIM Robotics will provide the vehicle platform with advanced outdoor navigation.

▪ Bookit Oy will provide the last-mile logistics user interface and applications.

▪ Picom will help shape retail delivery use cases and business models.

▪ Futurice will help design the service for commercialization.

• Bestmile will provide the Fleet Orchestration Platform that optimizes fleet efficiency and performance.

“This announcement highlights the flexibility of the Bestmile platform to orchestrate multiple types of fleets”said Raphael Gindrat, CEO and co-founder of Bestmile.“We are seeing more and more autonomous ground vehicle projects that need the kind of service optimization our platform provides.