ITS Europe 2014 Thinking Aloud Bonus Show

In this bonus edition of Thinking Aloud from the ITS European Congress in Helsinki Kevin Borras talks eCall with Marcel Visser and Gary Turner, iMobility with Gabriel Simcic, innovation with Richard Harris and incident detection with FLIR ITS’s Eddy Vermeulen. Julia Nelepa rounds off her week in Finland with a conversation about satellite positioning with GLONASS’s Evgeni Meilikhov.

Thanks to our sponsors VitronicARUPITS UK and International Road Dynamics (IRD).

On this podcast:

Eddy Vermeulen – FLIR ITS
Evgeni Meilikhov – GLONASS
Gabriel Simcic – FIA
Scott Belcher – ITS America
Richard Harris – ITS UK and Xerox
Marcel Visser – Gemalto
Gary Turner – Genie

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