ITS America 2015 Thinking Aloud Bonus Show

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As promised, you can now listen to or download the third and final podcast from the ITS America Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA. In an extraordinarily busy edition we hear from:

  • Thad Allen, EVP Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Jason Beans and Jake Hysell, Blue Earth
  • Dennis Nuutinen, Activu
  • John Farrell, 511 in a Box (Information Logistics)
  • Kurtis McBride, MioVision
  • Dave Pickeral
  • Phil Silver, Urban Insight
  • Paul Misticawi, TrafficCast
  • Drue Freeman, NXP …and last but not least
  • Carlos Ortiz, Michael Baker

Thanks again to our sponsors Mitsubishi Electric, MG Squared and Qvision Technology.

Paul Hutton also interviewed former ITS JPO director Shelley Row and you can listen to or download that as a separate soundfile by clicking here.