Iteris develops Integrated Detection Module for Siemens Traffic Controllers

Iteris, Inc. the provider of intelligent traffic management information solutions, has launched the Vantage IDM-M50, an integrated detection module (IDM) that combines video vehicle detection and high-speed communications directly into a Siemens® M50 series National Electronics Manufacturers Association (NEMA) traffic controller. 

The M50 series is a feature-rich traffic signal controller from Siemens that reduces cost of ownership while maintaining the robust performance required to meet the evolving traffic demands of today’s roadways. It also exceeds industry standards and specifications with advanced functionality beyond the NEMA standards.

Iteris’ IDM-M50 will provide up to 64 channels of detection, 4 analog camera inputs, simple cabinet installation, controller interface, and streaming full motion traffic video and data. The IDM-M50 can be installed in a new or legacy Siemens M50 NEMA traffic controller and provides an upgrade path for compatible NEMA controllers to take full advantage of Iteris Vantage detection technology.

“Vantage IDM-M50 is the first integrated video detection controller module available in the North American traffic market,” said Bill Sowell, Iteris’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Roadway Sensors.   “It’s simple to install and saves valuable real estate in the traffic cabinet.  We believe our approach is well aligned with the intelligent transportation system market’s desire for integrated traffic control electronic solutions.  Further, we are pleased with our joint development team’s performance in rapidly bringing this product to market.”

Sameer Joshi, Vice President & General Manager of Siemens Road and City Mobility, commented: “The addition of video vehicle detection and high speed communications into the Siemens traffic controller will allow the municipalities and cities to better meet the high demand for improved congestion mitigation.”