Italian city collecting traffic data to support SUMP

Molfetta, on Italy’s Adriatic coast, is working in partnership with a private company to gather traffic data to inform the city’s development of a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP).

The company is recording the traffic flow on the city’s road network, counting cars, buses and bicycles. This data will be compared with accident and pollution statistics, and supplemented by interviews carried out on public transport.

Aiming to create a traffic model of the city which is as complete as possible, Molfetta hopes to be able to simulate the effects of different measures to resolve certain problems. Data will be gathered on the city’s parking facilities as well as on road use.

The next steps will be to analyse the data to feed into a draft SUMP that will define the city’s objectives and the strategies that will be used to achieve their outcomes. This draft will then be shared with stakeholders and the public for feedback.

Mayor Paola Natalicchio hopes that the plan will be finalised by January 2015, saying: ‘Approval by the city council (would) finally provide our municipality with its own instrument to become a smart city.’