Intelligent Surveillance System to reduce accidents on Pune-Mumbai Expressway

Safety concerns on the Pune-Mumbai expressway have prompted the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) to go in for an ‘intelligent highway surveillance and management system’, which is expected to curb accidents on the busy road.

High-resolution cameras with night and all-weather visibility features and a violation enforcement system will be part of the system to be installed by the MSRDC through a private party at a cost of £6.3 miliion (Rs 63.8 crore).

The advanced state-of-the-art violation enforcement system will detect speed violations. To monitor speed, the 94km expressway will be divided into six zones: Kalamboli, Panvel, Khalapur toll plaza, Khandala, Lonavla and Talegaon. A gantry will be erected at each zone with cameras and violation enforcement system atop.

Automated licence plate reader technology will help capture images of vehicles. Subsequently, a vehicle data tag will be created giving the date and entry exit timings in each zone.

Traffic officials at the control room will get real time alerts in case of speed violations. “Over 11,000 accidents were reported on the expressway between 2006 and 2012. There is a need for such a system simply because of the number of accidents occurring on the busy road,” officials said.

The system will work round-the-clock assisting the highway police and other authorities deploy additional manpower in the event of congestion or traffic build up. In the event of an accident, the system will help authorities in directing emergency teams.

The authorities will also be able to take quick decisions in case of any unprecedented incident. Besides traffic surveillance, the system will send out traffic information and educate motorists on road safety. The MSRDC has invited bids from private agencies for implementing the system.

Highway police officials say there is an urgent need for an automated surveillance system using CCTV cameras as there are severe limitations for the highway police personnel in taking action against traffic violations, particularly those related to speed.

Story: Times of India