Integrated Systems Europe 2014 Thinking Aloud Show 2

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This is the second special Thinking Aloud from the Integrated Systems Europe 2014 event at the RAI in Amsterdam, which is an important show showcasing technology which is essential to the control room environment of ITS.

Today Thinking Highways Editor Kevin Borras talks to Mitsubishi Electric, Eyevis, Jupiter Systems’, Matrox and Barco.

On this podcast:

  • Peter van Dijk & Adrian Jones – Mitsubishi Electric,
  • Martin Wagner – Eyevis,
  • Aravind Nagarajan – Jupiter Systems,
  • Rob Moodey – Matrox
  • Guy van Wijmeersch – Barco

These shows are sponsored by Barco, Mitsubishi Electric, Jupiter Systems and Christie.

Remember we’ll be back at the RAI next month for Intertraffic 2014.  Email to find out how you can sponsor those essential programmes.