Indian students develop smart traffic control system

Two fourth-year students in the Electronics and Communication Department of India’s VIT University – Achintaya and Raghav Gupta, have indigenously developed a traffic management system called ‘VIT Subway Project’ under the guidance of J Kathirvelan, Assistant Professor (Sr), MEMS & Sensors Division, School of Electronics Engineering.

According to a press release, the system has been developed with the minimum development cost. At the heart of the system are the magnetic sensors that can discriminate between metal objects and human beings.

‘This sensor can even differentiate the types of the vehicle passing on the road. The main objective for the development of this project is to ensure the safety for the people, reduce the traffic congestion and to control the traffic automatically without the manual intervention of the security guards. We have been using this system on campus since last October,’ said Kathirvelan.

‘In this project, other than the magnetic sensor, we have used few more advanced equipment like Programmable logic controller, Field Programmable devices for sensors for the overall integration of the system,’ said Achintaya. The students are also planning to take patent (I.P Rights) for this technology.

The idea for this project came into being when traffic congestion was noted at a subway on campus. ‘The campus is divided into academic buildings and hostels by a railway track and a subway which gets heavily congested due to its single-lane feature. So we decided to devise a method of controlling boom barriers to ease the congestion while maintaining traffic order,’ said Raghav Gupta.

The four sensors identify human from metal and also the type of vehicle- whether two-wheeler or three and operates a boom barrier automatically. Similar to computers, this system is run with hardware and associated software.

The software has also been entirely developed by the students using state-of-the-art technology.

‘This type of system was not developed so far in any of the premier academic institutions including IITs, NITs or other private universities in India and also in the corporate companies, R&D organisations and in public usage in any part of our country to the best of our knowledge as per the literature survey,’ claimed Kathirvelan.

The students expressed their sincere gratitude to VIT Chancellor G Viswanathan, vice-presidents Sankar Viswanathan, Sekar Viswanathan, G V Selvam, Dean of SENSE G Ramachandra Reddy and all other people involved in this project for their support and encouragement to develop this system.

Story: News Today