New vehicle detection technology addresses the needs of future ITS programs, says Scott Robinson

A fundamental component to an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is vehicle detection – stop bar, advance, and bicycle differentiation, to name a few. Not only do these detection objectives help increase the efficiencies of intersections and traffic signal timing programs, but the traffic data that quality detection can provide is invaluable. This will be even more critical as demand for ITS increases in support of data-hungry Smart City and connected vehicle initiatives. Up until now, it often required multiple detection sensors to address the different types of detection goals and requirements, which can add cost and installation complexity.

The need for a single, easy-to-use, multi-tasking detection sensor that can provide HD video surveillance, vehicle detection, bicycle detection and differentiation, data collection, and traffic monitoring is apparent. Econolite and Image Sensing Systems (ISS) recently introduced a new HD video detection – Autoscope Vision. Building on more than two decades of proven video detection accuracy and performance, Autoscope Vision provides high-definition video-based detection with tracking-based hybrid algorithm technologies, all in one simple to install and use solution.

Spot The Difference
Autoscope Vision is an integrated camera-processor sensor solution that provides high performance stop bar vehicle detection, bicycle detection and differentiation, advance vehicle detection out to 600 feet, comprehensive traffic data collection and HD video surveillance in a single detection solution. It also supports local WiFi and streaming video to mobile computing devices.

Vision is designed to support Microsoft Windows 10 and Surface Pro. The intuitive Autoscope Envision™ software utilizes configuration wizard for fast and simple setup.

The Vision Comm Manager (VCM) unit has an integrated IP address. The unit is addressable without plug-in devices or converters and facilitates secured communication between local devices, as well as remote workstations. The VCM provides fast color streaming video from 5-30 frames per second. Streaming video is also available via standard web browsers. The completely new user interface offers convenient and intuitive means of programming the system, including managing all ITS features. This includes support for local WiFi and streaming video to mobile computing devices, supporting flexible workflows and providing new levels of secure system access.

Vision’s intuitive set up and three-wires-only connection makes it extremely easy to install, set up and use. In addition, for the Caltrans 332 cabinet and 170/2070 controller users, Econolite offers a unique cable connector solution that further simplifies installation and substantially reduces cabinet wiring. The Econolite pre-terminated cable connector simplifies wiring from the detector module to the controller with a C1 connector to a plug-and-play proposition. The cable enables a technician to complete the wiring in three minutes. This is also available for previous Autoscope systems.

Scott Robinson is Product Manager at Econolite