Image Sensing Systems introduces new radar-based vehicle detection product

Image Sensing Systems, the manufacturer of above-ground detection technology, recently announced the addition of the Autoscope RTMS Sx-300 to its traffic management product line. 

The Autoscope RTMS Sx-300 provides advanced vehicle detection with the accuracy needed to help keep the daily commute free of congestion. The Sx-300 provides the ability to detect up to 12 lanes of simultaneous detection reporting of vehicle presence as well as volume, occupancy, speed and classification information.  

“We are pleased to announce the addition of the Autoscope RTMS Sx-300 to our vehicle detection portfolio,” said Nathan Silver, Product Manager for Traffic Management.  “After many years of innovative development driven by the voice of our customers, we are pleased to be able to address the concerns of the transportation sector by offering a radar detection solution with increased reliability and longevity.”

The Autoscope RTMS Sx-300 provides a fully automated set-up feature that self-detects and self-calibrates detection zones, providing users with a simple and cost effective installation process. Additionally, it the industry leading Zero Setback capability and offers a best in class five-year warranty.  

The combination of the Autoscope RTMS Sx-300 and the sophisticated CitySync Metro software provide today’s traffic engineers with clarifying analytics that make data more actionable.  These technologies help move traffic safely and efficiently in real-time providing the clarity and confidence needed to make proactive decisions.