How Do I Make My City Smart? A Thinking Cities Alliance Roundtable Discussion

Thinking Cities presents the first in a series of Roundtable Discussions with an attempt to answer the simplest of questions – how do I make my city smart? Or rather, what makes a city smart?

Experts Paul Copping (Digital Greenwich), Neil Herron (GRID), Andy Graham (White Willow Consulting), David Bonn (Thinking Cities Alliance) and Giles Bailey (Stratageeb) join Thinking Cities editor Kevin Borras and Thinking Cities Alliance (TCA) senior advisor Bob McQueen to discuss and ultimately define how the term “smart cites” has come to refer to such a wide variety of topics, to talk about the role of technology in city smartness and cite examples of cities that have made themselves smart. Paul, Neil, Andy, Giles and David are all taking part in the Thinking Cities Alliance’s first conference, HOW DO I MAKE MY CITY SMART – An Introduction to Smart City Thinking on 3 June in Greenwich, London.

Click HERE to listen to the Roundtable Discussion and click HERE to find out more about the event or to book your place (members of ITS UK and Polis can register for free).

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