H3B Projects

Supporting Projects To Deliver Better Outcomes

H3B staff and our extensive team of Associates are well placed to support companies and programmes deliver successful project outcomes. Whether it is the provision of ad-hoc niche skills, domain experts, programme leaders or strategic guidance H3B Connected can provide suitably skilled resources.

To maintain its market edge in delivering current and relevant information on the needs and solutions available within the Smart City domain our team is actively involved in the delivery of current projects. Through our team’s daily involvement in delivering real solutions for real clients using real people, we are able to identify the most effective combination of solution elements, select the most appropriate suppliers to be part of the delivery of these solutions and how to then effectively deliver them.

We outline below some of the projects the H3B team has recently been involved in delivering.

Projects Undertaken by H3B Connected

Frontier Cities 2

In performing the task of Media Diseminator for the frontierCities2 – Another Level of Impact accelerator, H3BM have undertaken a variety of different methods, used several platforms and provided numerous opportunities for international coverage in their own published and online titles, Thinking Cities and Thinking Highways.

H3BM’s team of Kevin Borras and Luis Hill have conducted a series of audio interviews with the three different sets of grantees (FI-TECH, MAG1 and MAG2) over the duration of the project, with the aim of maximising the awareness of not only the grantees themselves or the project itself, but the topic of FIWARE in general (a caveat of all grantee/start-up solutions being Powered by FIWARE). The interviews have plotted the course of the start-ups’ journey from basic idea to (in some cases) profit-making smart city mobility solution deployed in cities around Europe.

The audio interviews are featured on ThinkingHighways.com and ThinkingCities.com’s audio sections and also feature in the two sites’ news sections for extra visibility.

The project has also been covered in the printed and online editions of Thinking Highways and Thinking Cities, with the November 2018 issues of both publications set to feature multiple articles charting the course of the project and focusing on the success stories and the accelerator’s legacy.

fC2 has also been promoted with highly visible banners on the Thinking Highways/Thinking Cities/H3BM stands at several high-profile ITS and smart city events such as Traffex, ITS Europe, ITS World Congress and Intertraffic.

At Intertraffic 2018 in Amsterdam the fC2 grantees were given three different opportunities to promote themselves that were only possible due to H3BM’s working relationship with the RAI Group, the organisers of the world’s largest traffic technology show. Firstly the start-ups were each given a booth in the Start-Up Hall for the duration of the event, enabling them to promote their solutions to cities, OEMs, purchasers, visitors and other exhibitors in a face-to-face setting, in some cases for the first time. We also arranged for them to take part in the 10 Simultaneous Roundtable Discussions event that H3BM organised for the second day of Intertraffic. The 10 topics were all relevant to at least one grantee and they were all represented on every Roundtable, contributing much to the discussions.

Finally, H3BM arranged for the grantees to take part in Technology Talks, where between two and four grantees were given an hour with an H3BM verified expert in their chosen domain. David Bonn (Smart Business Solutions), Bob McQueen (Bob McQueen & Associates), Paolo Rinelli (Aimsun) and Neil Herron (GRID SmarterCities) gave the grantees the benefit of their individual and collective wisdom.

In September 2018 12 of the 18 grantees were filmed by H3BM during the fC2 Bootcamp in Brussels. This 8-minute documentary style film will be shown at the FIWARE Global Summit in Malaga, the Smart City Expo in Barcelona and the POLIS Annual Conference in Manchester, all taking place in November 2018. The movie will feature some of the start-ups in conversation with H3BM’s Luis Hill and Kevin Borras, focusing on what being part of fC2 has meant for them and their solution and to leave a message of encouragement for any FIWARE-enabled start-ups considering the prospect of applying for a similar accelerator.

Greening the Islands Observatory Mobility Workshop

Rome, 26th & 27th November 2018

H3B Connected were asked to facilitate a Mobility workshop titled “Connecting an Island and enabling internal discovery while respecting the environment – best practice”. The objective of the workshop was to share our experiences on how to approach the initial identification of the requirements of the island, how to translate those into a deliverable plan and how to then implement the plan.

The workshop focused on the differing needs of island recognising they have different physical, political, financial and human needs all within a need to deliver a sustainable future for the islands.

The workshop explored available options and the benefits, challenges with implementation, impact on local economy etc. It was recognised that the needs of each island is unique. The conclusion from the workshop was that there were definite benefits to be had from the adoption of sustainable mobility solutions but that mobility should not be thought of in isolation from other factors such as energy, health and economy but integrated as part of an overall solution unique to each island.