H3B Connected Services

All H3B Connected’s highly experienced, internationally based domain experts have a proven track in a range of functions across the industry having operated at a senior level stretching over many years in a range of different blue chip and SME companies.

Our staff continue to be involved directly in international projects with key cities where they maintain a direct involvement in the delivery of prestigious projects. This enables them to maintain an understanding of how client thinking is changing, how future needs are shaping and how the supply industry is evolving to meet the integration challenges that the Smart City domain presents. This involvement ensures H3B Connected staff maintain a leading edge understanding of current market trends.

Listed below are details of the H3B Connected services we provide to support the enhanced probability of a successful outcome to a tender submission process in the Smart City domain including:

• Supporting Winning Bid Strategies
• Facilitation of Partner Introductions
• Implementing Data Management Strategies
• Supporting Improved Market Awareness Strategies
• Mentoring Support for Business Growth
• Project Delivery Support
• Developing Smart City Strategies
• Independent Verification of Solutions
• Integration Implementation Selection and Validation Support
• Market Analysis Reports
• Preparation Support for White Papers
• Digital Business Growth Support Tools
• Pop-up Project Delivery Support Resources
• Social Media Listening, Engagement and Sentiment Analysis

Supporting Winning Bid Strategies

With our experience in delivering bids for many different organisations in the Smart City domain, the H3B Connected team can provide specialist support services to identify the winning bid strategy, manage the bid preparation process, act as the critical reviewer of the bid submission as well as working with the technical solutions team to identify a complete solution that meets the needs of the client. We will bring our knowledge of what the market can offer and our understanding of what the client is looking to achieve both now and in the longer term.

Facilitation of Partner Introductions

H3B Connected experts are able to work with an organisation to identify the most appropriate constituent elements of the overall solution to address the overall needs of a client, balancing current capabilities with the introduction of new and innovative elements demanded by clients to future proof the solution. We will bring together those companies who we know are capable of providing the elements that differentiates a standard solution from one with the future proofing expected by today’s clients. H3B Connected aims to be your trusted partner in delivering tomorrows solutions

Implementing Data Management Strategies

With the growing focus on data, many organizations struggle to develop an effective strategy for their data assets, due to its intangible nature and varying uses and ever-increasing volumes. The challenge of Data Management requires the creation and management of complex systems that link closely to integral business operations, whilst maintaining Data Governance and, above all else, Data Security. Our experts know Data Management is not “one size fits all” and can help you in the creation of a strategy with the associated data management processes to satisfy the data requirements of your business.
We create a Data Management strategy based on your requirements and initiatives, derived from business goals and strategic plans, current capability assessments, business drivers for the use of data, understanding of market and technology opportunities, and a clear understanding of your business’s immediate and long-term data requirements.

Supporting Improved Market Awareness Strategies

Knowing when to bring new products and services to the market and when to retire existing product lines is a key business strategy. Retire a product too early and you lose return on investment, maintain selling it for too long and cost of support isn’t sustainable. H3B Connected staff are able to undertake an analysis of market needs looking at historic and future sales activities, competitor offerings etc to support you in determining when to enter or leave a particular market. The investigation may also uncover additional related opportunities that you were not addressing currently. The identification of pricing strategies relative to competitor products is a key factor affecting entry or exist from a particular market.

Mentoring Support for Business Growth

For a number of years, H3B Connected staff have been mentoring Innovative start-up organisations to enable them to bring their solutions to market. This has included reviews of the sell-ability, the technical capability and the go-to-market strategy for their products. We work with these start-ups to identify potential investors, to bring them together with other SME’s to enhance the combined market offerings and we support the development of marketing material and its dissemination. This mentoring is based on the on-going work we are undertaking within the Smart City domain where we are constantly identifying needs requiring innovative solutions.

Project Delivery Support

For a number of years, H3B Connected staff have been working with organisations to provide long and short-term niche and general skills to overcome short term peak resource demands and niche skill shortages. Our team has many years of experience across a wide variety of industries, delivering some of the more complex projects undertaken in the UK and beyond.
We are able to provide embedded resources working as part of you team to ensure all aspects of your project whatever its scale and complexity is to ensure you meet your client’s objective. We are able to call upon an extensive pool of resources at relatively short notice.

Developing Smart City Strategies

With the Smart City market predicted to grow at a significant rate over the next 5 – 10 years it is important that companies have in place a suitable strategy to maximise their income from this market. Similarly, a city will be expected to publish its strategy to adopt Smart City principles and solutions for the benefit of its citizens.
Our experts at H3B Connected are ideally placed to support you develop anything from a simple scene setting vision statement through to a detailed costed strategy covering the next five years. These documents can then be socialised around your organisation seeking feedback before taking the next steps again supported by our team of experts.

Independent Verification of Solutions

Buying organisations, those specifying solutions and those involved in setting the vision for the deployment of Smart City technologies are seeking to find trusted information on the capabilities offered by suppliers in the market. Too often these groups have been frustrated in reading about an offered solution and how it will meet their needs only to be frustrated to find at a later date that the available now solutions haven’t quite been developed to the extent described.
Our approach here at H3B Connected is to validate the solutions being offered into the market to ensure they are capable of delivering the capabilities being claimed. We will create a degree of trust between that supplier and the potential clients leading to a higher uptake in product deployments.

Integration Implementation Selection and Validation Support

Many organisations find themselves able to meet the majority of a project’s functional needs without overstretching their capabilities. However, there is an increase in occurrences when organisations find themselves needing additional capabilities that are not within their product roadmaps.
The experts at H3B Connected are able to provide the necessary market awareness and product selection validation skills to ensure the partner / product you select as part of your offering will not introduce an unacceptable level of risk. H3B Connected will look at a number of aspects before recommending a partner. These considerations, carried out in collaboration with yourselves, will include technical capability, financial viability, quality, support, track record, collaboration culture and business ethics. Once H3B Connected are satisfied with these and other factors then we will make a partner / product recommendation.

Market Analysis Reports

Investing in a new product or service at the right time requires a detailed understanding of many impacting factors. These factors include current and future demand, competition, route to market, size of the market, location of the market, return on investment, product marketing requirements and duration of the market. H3B Connected staff and our associates have extensive experience in undertaking market analysis activities which are then used to inform product or service investment decisions.H3B Connected staff can undertake a simple market awareness review through to a detailed report detailing all aspects to be considered when investing in new products or services.

Preparation Support for White Papers

Preparing a White Paper on a particular product / service / solution is a vital element of the promotion of a company’s capabilities. Through the use of extensive Thought Leadership material in the White Paper, a company can help shape market awareness towards the capabilities of their views. The preparation of such publications while recognised as of good value and significant benefit many companies struggle to produce such documents.
With H3B Connected staff’s awareness of the market needs overall, our proven writing skills and our ability to present marketing messages in a way that the wider mar.ket will fully understand makes us the ideal partner to work with you in the preparation of White Papers. As important as the document itself is the documents subsequent promotion into the market. H3B Connected through our international media platform is ideally positioned to deliver that capability for maximum market penetration

Digital Business Growth Tools

Moving from a funded start-up to a commercial success involves overcoming several major hurdles, not least of which is advertising, customer service, collaboration and licensing.
Knowledge of other technology and players in your market-space enables collaboration with established companies that have similar goals and ambitions, leading to an improved runway to effective commercial activity and ultimately profitability.
H3B Connected work daily with start-ups through their mentoring programs and engage established business via their wealth of experience in the advertising and PR domain.
H3B Connected core IT team can help any business to bring their product and customer service into sharp focus, whether that be direct sales, online or in the project space.

Pop-up Project Delivery Support Resources

At H3B Connected, we recognise that maintaining domain experts current in their field can be a utilisation challenge for many organisations. To support organisations in ramping up and down trusted resources on an as needed basis, we are able to create pop-up teams with the required range of skills, whether at the opportunity validation stage, tender stage or at the delivery stage. This flexible approach to staffing projects allows organisations to easily and cost effectively access a pool of highly competent staff across the range of skills required, no matter the nature of the project.

Social Media Listening, Engagement and Sentiment Analysis

Companies are waking up to the fact that social media commands an ever-increasing percentage of societies’ attention. Whilst this still feels like a new frontier for many companies, social media is a proven and highly effective platform for marketing, customer engagement and perhaps the only way to derive real customer sentiment.
Our experts harness the power of CRM systems, developing highly interactive email and social media campaigns. Integrated social media listening technology enables companies to react and engage customers across all the major social media platforms – in real-time.