Graph Explaining Relationship Between Ride-Sharing and Autonomous Cars

Everyone is trying to position themselves to take advantage of autonomous cars. Companies from Tesla to General Motors to Uber are all including autonomous cars in their plans and with good reason. As the technology develops, electric vehicles, ride-sharing, and driverless cars will become increasingly connected and dependent on one another.

Take a close look and it’s easy to see how these separate technologies are about to come together. Driverless cars stand to eliminate the driver from the ride-sharing equation. That’s the biggest expense in ride-sharing so finding a way to incorporate driverless cars into that business could make taking an Uber cheaper than owning a car.

Electric vechicles join the fray because they are cheaper to operate than traditional gas vehicles. The connection gets even closer when you add driverless electric cars to the mix. The average taxi is well within the range of electric vehicles, which could again eliminate drivers and provide cheaper mobility for the masses.

According to Forbes, the challenge will be in getting people to adopt these technologies. It’s an expensive proposition at the outset, but one that stands to reap huge profits once implemented.